Security and Confidentiality

The level of security on the Ranch is unheard of. Each project gets its own temporary ftp account, which is automatically erased after 10 days. And we know the meaning of the word "confidential". In fact, as the Ranch is fully automated we never even look at your scenes (unless of course you ask for our help or a technical problem with your scene requires an intervention)!

We respect and recognize how vital the importance of copyright, security and confidentiality is to our customers. We therefore guarantee/assure you that your work remains just that - YOUR work. We do not keep ANY files related to your projects, and keep only a record of your project usage in your account information.
Please also note that we only do rendering. On the contrary to several Renderfarms, we do not create 3D scenes, models or projects, so we will never be competitors for our own customers!

Eventually, we can also sign an NDA if your work requires it. Feel free to contact us if you have any more inquiries.