Our goal
Reduce your rendering time

Thanks to our render farm, an animation which should require 1 month of rendering on a Core i7 workstation will be rendered in only 2 hours with the POWERFarm

Our strike force
2 CPU farms and 1 GPU farm



  • Processors: Dual Xeon 5600. 
  • RAM: 64 GB
  • CineBench R15: +/- 1,250 per server.
  • Price (per GHz per hour): 0.015 €.


Our service
User-friendly and 24/7 automated access

1. Estimate the cost of your project using our cost estimator.

2. Create an account and add money to your safe based on your estimate, the priority level and the chosen discount (up to 70%).

3. Read our users Guide and upload your project to our renderfarm. 

4. While your project is being rendered, check its status in the Waiting list and download your frames in real-time.

5. When it is finished, the rendered frames are available from our secure FTP serveur. 

Our added-value
Dedicated and efficient technical support

Since 2007, Ranch Computing proudly serves its clients with quality technical support. As customers put it best, read their testimonials.

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