Reduce your rendering time, use our render farm!

  • An animation which would require
  • 1 month of rendering on a Core i7 workstation
  • will be rendered in 7 hours on our LEGACYFarm
  • and in only 2 hours with the POWERFarm!

How does it work?

Our render farms are automated, run 24 hours a day and are user-friendly. Before submitting your projects, you have to read the Ranch Guides carefully.

While your project is being rendered, you can check its status on the Waiting List web page and download your frames in real-time using RANCHSync.

When it is finished, the rendered frames are also available from our secure FTP server.

3 Render Farms for all your 3D renderings!

Ranch Computing is now made up of three render farms: the POWERFarm and the LEGACYFarm for CPU rendering and the GPUFarm for GPU rendering.
Each one includes its own servers, its own waiting list and offers an extraordinary computing power.

CPU rendering
Available for every Supported Software



Processor Dual Xeon E5-2600v4
fastest rendernodes on the market!
Dual Xeon 5600
CineBench R15 ~4700 per server ~1250 per server
RAM 128 GB
256 GB on request
64 GB
Advantages More than 3 times faster
Support projects up to 4 times heavier
Download in real time (RANCHSync)
GPU rendering
Only for Cycles, FStorm Render, Octane Render, Redshift, Thea Render and VRay RT


Manufacturer NVIDIA Manufacturer
OctaneBench ~730 per server OctaneBench
Graphic Cards 4 powerful GPU cards per server Graphic Cards

How to choose?

Depending on your project specifications and your constraints, you can choose which one of our two CPU farms fits the most to your needs:



You want the fastest performance: your project will run on the fastest render nodes on the market
You run a project (3dsMax only) in Multicam mode (one or several still images, each running on a single node)
Your project requires more than 60 GB of RAM (LEGACYFarm nodes are limited to this value)
Your project makes good use of heavily multithreaded Xeon systems
You are in a hurry / you have a tight deadline
Your project does not use multithreading effectively (POWERFarm CPUs would be underused)
The loading and preparation phases of your project are longer than the rendering itself

When your project is in the waiting queue and has not yet begun rendering, you can still change its priority, for instance to move it from the LEGACYFarm to the POWERFarm, or to raise its priority on the POWERFarm.