RANCH did not rest!

2017-07-10 - Frens, Business Developer/Founder (Netherlands)

“Initially I had trouble with crashing nodes, but Ranch Farm did not rest before all troubles were solved although it wasn't easy and took time. I made my deadline. I still have a happy client and I am one for sure. Many THANKS to the Ranch team. You Rock!”

Enorme merci

2017-06-13 - Omer, Student (Belgium)

“Un énorme merci à l'équipe du support, en particulier Florine et Jean-Philippe, ils ont été géniaux avec moi et dans des délais très courts. Ils ont fait tout ce qui était possible pour m'aider et j'en suis très reconnaissant, je recommanderai volontiers vos services !”

Great Support!

2017-05-16 - Andreas, Digital Artist (Austria)

“Dear Florine! That was very helpful, thank you very much! Everything is running smoothly now! Great support – Keep it up :) ”

Absolute Star

2017-04-24 - Aurelija, Student (UK)

“Thank you so much for all your support, the rendering went well and everything works. Florine was an absolute star, I couldn't have asked for better and more patient assistance. Thank you again and have a good day. ”

Just Incredible

2017-04-10 - Florian, 3D Artist (Switzerland)

“I tried three other renderfarms before I disillusioned and desperately discovered the RANCH. […] With the ranch: one try and I had pictures! [...] When I nevertheless turned to the support a bit later, they really checked my scene on a Saturday afternoon and gave me an awesome and detailed guide as I get to the result that I wanted. So much effort for a new customer, just incredible. Many, many thanks to this competent team. With the RANCH I've finally found what I wanted... and much more.”


2017-03-24 - George, 3D Artist (Greece)

“You guys are the best rendering solution in the entire world. I have never seen such a super fast, affordable and efficient war machine, ninja, tank, atomic bad@ss render farm!! I've been working with this farm for 3 years now... and its constantly evolving and making itself better. You guys rock. I've been struggling with other farms. This one has an easy-step by step interface and its so fast that I cant prepare my scenes fast enough to render them :) I LOVE U!!!”

20 out of 10!

2017-03-22 - Remi, Head of 3D (Norway)

“Your customer service, I rate it 20 out of 10!”

RANCH is a billion times faster!

2017-02-13 - Michael, 3D Artist (USA)

“I tried out C4D team render with three decent machines....on a 1400 frame, HD, physical render with motion blur.... it took 2 - 3 days... absurd... and then I noticed there was an error! So I just sent it to you and 5 mintutes later it was done....for 5Euro....! It probably cost me 20Euro just in electricty for the team render solution.... Thanks again.”