The Safe

The "Safe" is your personal vault as a Ranch user.
It stocks and displays the amount of credits available to render your projects on the RANCH.
You can:
  - add credits in your Safe whenever you want (especially when your projects are being rendered on the Ranch Runner).
  - add the amount you want from 1€ (however, it should be noted that to submit a project, you must have at least 10€ in your Safe).

Our prices are based on the commonly accepted 'Gigahertz per Hour' (GHz-H) unit: the cost of a project is based on how many GHz-H are used to render it (for the GPU Farm, the price is per OctaneBench point per Hour).


Our pay per project (metered) formula is subdivided in 5 priority levels.
On the RANCH, the priority levels are there to sort the projects in the waiting list: the higher the priority, the sooner the project is processed.

Of course, if the waiting list is empty, even a lowest priority project starts immediately. And as there is no sharing on the RANCH, each and every project, when it runs, runs on the full capacity of the RANCH Runner. This is very different from low-priority formulas that you may find on a shared renderfarm, where your project is put to sleep on a few machines and takes forever to render.

The price per GHz-H depends on the chosen priority level (for the GPU Farm, the price is per OctaneBench point per Hour):

More information to choose between the POWERFarm, the LEGACYFarm and the GPUFarm.


You can of course choose the exact amount of your refill. Just be aware that from 475 € onward, you can benefit from very attractive discounts: from 5% to 70%!

Render amount Discount Cost excl. VAT Save
500 € -5% 475 € 25 € Order Now!
1 000 € -10% 900 € 100 € Order Now!
2 500 € -20% 2 000 € 500 € Order Now!
5 000 € -30% 3 500 € 1 500 € Order Now!
10 000 € -40% 6 000 € 4 000 € Order Now!
20 000 € -50% 10 000 € 10 000 € Order Now!
40 000 € -60% 16 000 € 24 000 € Order Now!
300 000 € -70% 90 000 € 210 000 € Order Now!

How to choose

Depending on your project specifications and your constraints, you can choose which one of our two CPU farms fits the most to your needs:



You want the fastest performance: your project will run on the fastest render nodes on the market
You run a project (3dsMax only) in Multicam mode (one or several still images, each running on a single node)
Your project requires more than 60 GB of RAM (LEGACYFarm nodes are limited to this value)
Your project makes good use of heavily multithreaded Xeon systems
You are in a hurry / you have a tight deadline
Your project does not use multithreading effectively (POWERFarm CPUs would be underused)
The loading and preparation phases of your project are longer than the rendering itself

When your project is in the waiting queue and has not yet begun rendering, you can still change its priority, for instance to move it from the LEGACYFarm to the POWERFarm, or to raise its priority on the POWERFarm.

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