About the Ranch

We honestly believe that you won't find anywhere a better combination of price, performance, ease of use and support.

- On the RANCH each project is processed by highly-optimized software algorithms to maximize computing power allocation and reduce waiting time.
- All the projects are rendered on our dedicated SuperComputer, the RANCH Runner. It is... FAST :)
- The RANCH is 100% automated and available 24/7.
- The RANCH offers an unmatched price/performance ratio, with flexible pay per project formulas and up to 70% discounts for quantities.
- We have a dedicated site and a full PDF manual for each software we support.
- We develop all our software ourselves, for optimal performance and flexibility.
- We are the only big renderfarm in the world to publish precise benchmarks.
- We offer an exceptional level of confidentiality and security (with a secure ftp account per project). We can sign NDAs if needed.

We currently support:
- Autodesk 3DS Max with Mental Ray, V-Ray, Maxwell Render, Corona Renderer, Iray (cpu) and Scanline renderer
- Autodesk Maya with Mental Ray, V-Ray, Maxwell Render, Maya software and Arnold Renderer
- Newtek Lightwave 3D (64-bit and 32-bit)
- Maxon Cinema 4D with Advanced Render, Physical Renderer, Maxwell Render, Arnold Renderer and VRAYforC4D.
- e-on software Vue xStream (in standalone mode or integrated with 3ds Max / Maya / Cinema 4D / Lightwave 64-bit projects)
- Next Limit Maxwell Render
- Planetside Terragen
- Glare Technologies Indigo

On animations with several hundreds (or thousands) of frames, the RANCH Runner delivers the performance of more than 400 Dual Xeon workstations, or more than 650 fast Core i7 PC.

We recommend you read first our RUGs (RANCH User Guides) in PDF format. There is one for general operations, and another specific to each software we support. After that, if you still have questions, you can contact us by e-mail or call us (see Contact Us page).

- If you need support, our working hours are from monday to friday, 09:00 to 19:00 (GMT+1). We may be able to answer questions on week-ends (saturdays and sundays), although this is not guaranteed. The RANCH is based in Paris, France.
- You can send projects anytime, 24/24 & 7/7, from anywhere in the world. No need to wait for an operator: the RANCH is 100% automated and will process your projects without human assistance.

About the Prices

We charge for CPU time, based on how many GHz-H (Gigahertz per Hour) your project needs to be rendered. To obtain an evaluation of cost and time before sending your project, please use our Cost/Time estimator. For further information, please read the Ranch Main User Guide, section #4 ("The priority system and how to calculate the cost").

Each formula represents a different level of priority. If there are a lot of projects in the list and you are in a hurry, you can choose a formula with a higher priority (and a higher price) to move your project towards the top of the waiting list. A higher priority project will begin sooner, however the processing power allocated to a project is always the same, even on lowest priorities!

No. If there are no projects before yours in the list, it will be processed as soon as it arrives.

You must have sufficient credits in your RANCH Safe for a project to finish. Otherwise, it will be automatically stopped when you account balance reaches zero.

The payment corresponding to a project processing time is simply substracted, in real time, from the amount stored in your Safe. The Safe can be refilled whenever you want. For instance you can buy a 500 EUR Refill for your Safe, and send several projects until the Safe credit is at 0 EUR. If that happens, any project of yours currently running will be stopped, and you won't be able to submit another project until your Safe is sufficiently refilled.

No, the Refills are not time-limited. When you buy a Refill for your Safe, you can use it today or months from now.

- If you are a professional with tight deadlines working on important projects, the Diamond or Elite formulas are highly recommended.
- If you intend to use the RANCH regularly on low-priority projects, the standard Sapphire formula is all you need.
- The Emerald, Ruby and Diamond formula represent different levels of priority that you may choose depending on the urgency of your work. They are very useful if you do not have the budget for the highest-priority formulas but want your project to begin faster than with the Sapphire priority.

About Your Projects

You upload your project to the RANCH directly from your web browser. The format in which the project must be sent is specific to each software: the detailed procedure is described in the downloadable PDF RANCH User Guide dedicated to your 3D application.

Yes. You will just have to open severals tabs or windows in your browser and submit a different project in each one.

You have the choice. You can either use an ftp client like Filezilla (recommended for performance), or your web browser for an HTTP download (simple for still image projects and useful when you do not have access to ftp software). And if you have enough credits in your Safe, you can also use our RANCHSync utility to download the frames on your system in real time, as soon as they are rendered.

Yes, our free utility RANCHSync will do that for you automatically in the background, if you have enough credits in your Safe. You can download it on the home page.

No, if you have yourself a fast internet connection. We have a very fast 1 Gbit/s, symmetrical fiber optics internet connection and have measured several megabytes per second file transfers. So the problem lies with your connection, or between it and the RANCH (the ways of the internet are sometimes inscrutable :). To optimize bandwidth, we recommend you download several files at the same time.

You can consult the position of your project in the real time waiting list. If it arrives when the list is empty, it is processed immediately. The current job in progress displays an approximation of its completion, so if your project is the next one in the list you can easily get a reasonable estimate. When your project begins an e-mail is sent to you.

Yes, the Cancel button in the waiting list will let you do that. Of course, the CPU time used by the project before it is stopped will have to be paid. Please note that you can also remove projects wich are still in the queue and not yet started.

Yes, if it is still in the waiting list. Go to My project, and you will be able to change for a higher-priority formula.

Go to My Invoices, the PDF invoice will be accessible directly from your account.

We have a Cost/Time estimator page that we recommend you use. The PDF RANCH User Guides also have detailed information about this. We highly recommend you read them thoroughly.

By being smart :) Things to do:
- Read the guides. We have spent a lot of time writing them, and nearly all the questions you might ask have an answerin them.
- Use the cost estimators: they work rather well.
- When using the cost estimator, do not underestimate the average time needed to render one frame on your system... Enter the render time of the heaviest frames just to be on the safe side.
- Do not change things in your scene at the last minute, just before sending it to us, thinking that your changes won't have an impact on the render time. They will.
- If the scene crashes on your system, do not assume it won't crash on the RANCH. It most probably will.
- We are very fast, but not infinitely fast: there is no magic involved :) So if your project would need one year of render time on your multicore workstation, it will probably still need a day of the RANCH time...
- Never send a still image as a way to estimate the render time of an animation, as stills are processed differently (distributed or multiband rendering) than animations (one frame per node). Use our cost estimators instead.
- And again, read the guides. Really.

You can either:
- send an e-mail to contact@ranchcomputing.com or support@ranchcomputing.com
- send a message from our web form (see Contact Us page)
- call us at phone number +33 (0)182 50 7008 from 09:00 to 19:00 (GMT+1)