Testimony of Jean-Nicolas Michel – Fix Studio

Company presentation

With over two decades of experience, Quad Productions has a long-standing reputation for high production values and highly creative live-action storytelling.

Quad has an international team of filmmakers dedicated to telling great stories of all kinds and creating groundbreaking content for leading international agencies, brands and creative partners.

Why did you use Ranch Computing’s rental service? What were your needs?

For our 3D calculations we needed to host rendering machines and occasionally rent metal bars to increase our rendering capacity.

Ranch Computing was able to meet our needs, with the installation of a dedicated dark fibre as well as a good reactivity for the installation. Note that the rental equipment is good.

What has our service done for you? How has localisation been integrated into your operation / how do you use the service?

The service allowed us to host our renderfarm and consequently increase our rendering capacity. The integration was transparent for us with the setting up of a dedicated vlan directly connected to us. We do not use the associated services but only our physically installed machines with our remote tools.

Which services did you use? VPN or dark fibre?

  • We used dark fibre for the usage and VPN for the installation and configuration of the nodes.

Have you switched from VPN to dark fibre?

  • No

Have you rented CPUs or GPUs?

  • We have rented CPUs

How much? How much time?

  • 30 nodes for one or two months


We have had no problems with Ranch Computing, the service is good and very responsive.

FIX STUDIO wbesite : https://www.fixstudio.com/en