Rendering farm for Architecture


Our rendering farm for your architectural projects

Our 3D rendering farm offers artists, architects, urban planners, developers… a complete rendering solution for their projects, whether it is interior rendering, real estate project presentations or aerial rendering. Our state-of-the-art technology offers exceptional computing power, extremely short rendering times and high image quality.

  • Superior computing power
  • Extremely short rendering times
  • Full support for your architectural projects


Supported software

Supported renderers

Fstorm Render
Cycles & Eevee


Types of renderings that can be achieved for architecture

Our render farm offers advanced tools for image calculation and optimisation, allowing our clients to create high quality architectural projects for interiors, exteriors, aerials and real estate. In addition, we offer full support for your projects.

3D interior rendering

Interior renderings enhance and highlight the interior spaces of a building. With the help of our render farm, architects can create quality interior renderings and promote their designs with impressive images and animations.

Rendering time
Without Ranch
With Ranch

3dsMax, Corona, Core i7 6850K

Rendering time
Without Ranch
With Ranch

3dsMax, FStormRender

3D exterior rendering

Exterior renderings are intended to show the architectural designs of buildings by realizing the architect’s vision. With the help of our render farm, architects can create reliable and accurate exterior renderings with high quality images and animations.

3D aerial rendering

Aerial renderings show the architectural plans and designs of a building from the air. With the help of our render farm, architects can create accurate, high-quality aerial renderings of their images or animations.

3D rendering for real estate projects

Real estate project renderings represent architectural designs of spaces and buildings to be built. Our render farm helps architects create quality images and animations to promote their designs.

Your Architectural rendering farm

6 reasons to choose Ranch Computing

Power & performance

  • Powerful processors and graphics cards for fast calculations
  • Multiple servers are allocated to your project for reduced waiting time
  • Strip rendering for still image rendering

Easy to use

  • Quick registration for immediate access to our farm
  • Integrated RANCHecker plugin makes it easy to validate your scene
  • The RANCHSync synchronization tool allows you to send your project archive and retrieve your frames


  • Confidentiality of projects guaranteed
  • Secure data transfer (https)
  • Individual authentication per project (FTP IDs per project)
  • Secure payment (Stripe and PayPal)


  • Our RANCHecker plugin checks the portability of your scene on our servers
  • Verification of your rendering parameters and feedback on blocking points or points to correct
  • Automatic creation of an archive with the elements of your scene for a trouble-free transfer


  • Support by email, phone, or chat with our 3D artists accessible to all and for any type of request
  • Video tutorials and online documentation
  • Our teams will help you to estimate your project

Appropriate budget

  • Our price simulator helps you to estimate the cost of your project. You can also contact us to help you with the estimation.
  • Save up to 70 % with volume purchases
  • All is included in the price: servers, renderer licences, support. And the Ranch Credits don’t expire
  • Choose the right rendering priority to reduce costs
  • 100% bonus for students and schools on non-commercial renderings

Why us?

Since 2006, personalised services

We provide powerful GPU & CPU computing servers to all graphic designers, regardless of their sector of activity and the size of their structure. With an international presence, we have developed our service in order to provide an increasingly complete solution adapted to the needs of our customers.


supported plugins

Customised solutions

Powerful computing servers

What our

customers say

« This is probably the best support I got in ages. »

Van Stein Martin


« A Human RenderFarm ! You need help, there someone there ! »

Frederic TANTIN


« First try with ranch Computing and very satisfied. The steps to launch the online rendering are very simple and fast. The explanations are very clear. »

Karim Moudir



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