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Indigo offers photo-realistic image quality with an unmatched level of detail. It is easy to use and very fast, and can handle complex scenes with objects and effects such as reflections, refraction and global scattering.

With our render farm, you can produce exceptional quality images from your 3D projects.


Versions & renderers supported by the Render Farm

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Renderers (1)
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How to render an Indigo project on our render farm?

Create your account on our website and get 30€ of free rendering credits.
Prepare your Indigo scene by following the detailed procedure in our documentation.
Send us your archive.
Download your images.

Our advantages

Adapted and efficient rendering farm for Indigo

Power & performance

  • Powerful processors and graphic cards for fast calculations
  • Multiple servers are allocated to your project for reduced waiting time
  • Strip rendering for still image rendering

Easy to use

  • Quick registration for immediate access to our farm
  • Indigo’s integrated RANCHecker plugin makes it easy to validate your scene
  • The RANCHSync synchronization tool allows you to send your project archive and retrieve your frames


  • Confidentiality of projects guaranteed
  • Secure data transfer (https)
  • Individual authentication per project (FTP IDs per project)
  • Secure payment (Stripe and PayPal)


  • Our RANCHecker plugin checks the portability of your scene on our servers
  • Verification of your rendering parameters and feedback on blocking points or points to correct
  • Automatic creation of an archive with the elements of your scene for a trouble-free transfer


  • Support by email, phone, or chat with our 3D artists accessible to all and for any type of request
  • Video tutorials and online documentation
  • Our teams will help you to estimate your project

Appropriate budget

  • Our price simulator helps you to estimate the cost of your project. You can also contact us to help you with the estimation.
  • Save up to 70 % with volume purchases
  • All is included in the price: servers, renderer licences, support. And the ranch credits don’t expire.
  • Choose the right rendering priority to reduce costs
  • 100% bonus for students and schools on non-commercial renderings

Other supported software

What our

Customers says

« This is probably the best support I got in ages. »

Van Stein Martin


« A Human RenderFarm ! You need help, there someone there ! »

Frederic TANTIN


« First try with ranch Computing and very satisfied. The steps to launch the online rendering are very simple and fast. The explanations are very clear. »

Karim Moudir


The projects we have supported

Product Visualisation
VFX Animation

Forest House Exterior Model – Thanh Nguyen

3ds Max – V-Ray

Rendering time
32 h
Without Ranch
4 h 20 min
With Ranch

Evermotion / 15th Anniversary Collection

3ds Max – Corona Renderer

Rendering time
2 h 38 min
Without Ranch
10 min
With Ranch

Interior design rendering

3ds Max – FStormRenderer

Rendering time
1 h 10 min
Without Ranch
18 min 50 sec
With Ranch

La Defense – Illuminens

Maxwell Renderer 4

Visualisation 3D – RUBIS 3DESIGN

3ds Max – Corona Renderer


Maxwell Render 5

Excalibur Spider Pirelli – Point Flottant

Cinema 4D – Arnold

SCUF Gaming – Witness & Co (Edwin Sumalave)

Cinema 4D – Redshift

Walking In Circles – Santi Zoraidez

Cinema 4D – Octane

SAMSUNG Galaxy A14 5G Screensaver – Clim Studio

Cinema 4D – Redshift

Bottega Veneta XMAS 21 – ONIRIM

Houdini – Redshift

Omega Quality Campaign – Franco Tassi

Cinema 4D – Arnold

Fish Facade – Mike Pan

Maya 2023 – Renderman

Rendering time
6 days
Without Ranch
25 h
With Ranch

Ages of Vultures – Toni Bratincevic

Maya 2023 – Redshift (895212)

Rendering time
43 min 58 sec
Without Ranch
7 min 56 sec
With Ranch

Leachs speeches Happy Halloween – Bobby Standridge

3ds Max – V-Ray

Rendering time
3 days 13 h
Without Ranch
1 h 18 min
With Ranch

Forest Floor

3ds Max – Corona Renderer

Rendering time
4 h 37 min
Without Ranch
1 min
With Ranch

Geoglyph 2.0 Launch Trailer

3ds Max – Corona Renderer

Rendering time
3 days
Without Ranch
1 h 25 min
With Ranch

Equilibrium – DIORAMA

Cinema 4D – V-Ray

X-Particles / Rhino Loop – Daley Graphics

X-Particles Cinema 4D – Octane

BT Sport x Moto GP – WUNDR

Cinema 4D – Redshift

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