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RenderMan is a rendering engine developed by Pixar Animation Studios, renowned for its ability to create photorealistic images. It is used not only for rendering Pixar films, but also in blockbusters such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and Avatar.

Its speed and efficiency make it an ideal choice for use with the RenderMan engine. Artists can achieve high-quality renderings quickly and efficiently, creating images that look and feel real.

With RenderMan, users can benefit from a powerful and reliable rendering engine, developed by one of the animation industry’s leading names. It offers a range of advanced features for creating breathtaking images, whether for animated films, blockbusters or other visually demanding projects. RenderMan is the preferred choice for professionals seeking cinematic renderings.

Software compatibility for Renderman

Why use Renderman renderer?

High image quality

RenderMan is famous for the very high quality of its images.


We like RenderMan for the robustness of its engine.

Vision de développement

A development vision focused on production issues.

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Other renderers supported by our farm

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