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RANCHSync – Windows (version 4.2.5)

RANCHSync – Mac (version 4.2.5)

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RANCHSync : To upload & download your 3D projects

RANCHSync is a free tool that links your computer to the RANCH to save you time while rendering images.

It downloads in real time the images calculated on our render farm, directly to your computer. You just need to specify the destination folder and RANCHSync will do all the rest, even while you are away.

This tool also detects rendering errors quickly and will save you time and resources.

RANCHSync works in conjunction with RANCHecker to upload your scenes directly from RANCHecker (“Upload Ranch” button), without going through the website interface.

RANCHecker : To easily prepare your 3D projects

RANCHecker is a free plug-in, which allows you to easily prepare your 3D projects for rendering on our render farm.

It automatically gathers the textures in your scene and checks the rendering parameters to ensure compatibility with our system.

It adapts file paths to ensure they work on our farm. If there is a problem, such as a version incompatibility, RANCHecker notifies you so that you can quickly correct the error.

It prepares your projects into archive files ready to be sent to the RANCH.

For more information, please check our detailed documentation or watch our tutorials.

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