Cost/Time Estimator

This cost estimator is reasonably accurate for animations, with a margin of error of +/-20%. For a more accurate result, do not hesitate to send a few test images.


1 - Rendering type (CPU or GPU)

   Available for every Supported Software

   Only for Cycles, FStorm Render, Octane Render, Redshift, Thea Render and VRay RT

2 - Your computer performance

Download OctaneBench to test your computer capacity for GPU rendering.
Or find your GPU score in the result list.

Download Cinebench to test your computer capacity for CPU rendering.
Or find your CPU score in the result list.

3 - Project information

Average computing time for a representative frame, rendered on your computer

4 - Estimate

Please enter a positive number of frames in the cost estimator!
Please enter a positive duration in the cost estimator!
Your computer performance score is not valid!

You can't estimate a still image cost with this estimator!

If it is for a Maxwell or Indigo project, please follow the links above.

Please be aware that

  • This Estimator is dedicated to animation only. It is not to be used to estimate a still image project.
  • This cost estimator does a reasonably good job of approximating the render time for animations, with a margin of error of +-20%.
  • The estimation displayed is just that: an estimation, and not a guarantee. Please make sure that the value you enter for the render time per frame on your system is really an average render time, and not the time of a random frame (which may be considerably lower than the average).
  • The accuracy of the estimation is proportional
    1) to the homogeneity of the frames and
    2) to the CPU load.
    In other words, the estimated render time will be very close to the actual render time if
    1) all the frames take the same time to render, and
    2) all the CPU cores on each node are running at 100% when rendering the project
  • The total processing time of a project includes the preparation time (distribution of the scene and scene elements, textures, etc. across the whole RANCH), the render time itself and a small project management time (ftp account creation, etc.). The time and cost displayed by this cost estimator correspond to the rendering phase itself.