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About us

Ranch Computing is a French company based in Paris.

Since 2006, our aim is to allow any graphic designers, whatever line of business they are in (animation, VFX, architecture, design, video games…), whatever the size of the structure they work in (from big studios to freelancers), to tackle the rendering process serenely in order to meet their deadlines and their budgets.

Use our render farm to meet your deadline, monitor your budget and remain serene.

The beginning

Back in 2006, the concept was quite innovative at the time because there were really few commercial renderfarms. Frédéric Louguet, co-founder of the company, was already very much involved in the 3D world and got the idea to provide graphic designers with powerful rendering solutions. Rendering needs were not the same as nowadays, but proportionally, neither was the computing power.

The first version of the RANCH was only composed of Core 2 Quad/Extreme servers which included 4 cores and 4 GB of RAM…

The team

Julien de Souza Julien de Souza Julien de Souza Co-founder and managing director
Frédéric Louguet Frédéric Louguet Frédéric Louguet Co-founder and technical director
Olivier Charvin Olivier Charvin Olivier Charvin Software engineer and web developer
Jean-Philippe Louguet Jean-Philippe Louguet Jean-Philippe Louguet Sales manager - support
Rodolphe Sirakian Rodolphe Sirakian Rodolphe Sirakian Software engineer – 3ds Max expert
Christophe Bicchierai Christophe Bicchierai Christophe Bicchierai Consultant - Rendering expert
Fabienne Le Gall Fabienne Le Gall Fabienne Le Gall Marketing Director
Marion Taboni Marion Taboni Marion Taboni Assistante de direction
Baptiste Marquant Baptiste Marquant Baptiste Marquant Logistics manager
Gisèle de Souza Gisèle de Souza Gisèle de Souza Night support
Olivier Drot Olivier Drot Olivier Drot Web developer - Laravel expert
Alexandre Broca Alexandre Broca Alexandre Broca Sales Director
96% of our customers trust the reliability of our service* *According to a satisfaction survey of our customers conducted in May 2017!