Our priorities: security and privacy

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Advantages Security

Security and privacy

The FTP accounts are linked to each project and not each user in order to provide an optimum security. These are temporary accounts: they expire automatically 5 days after receiving the email notifying you that your render is finished.

We understand how copyright, data protection and privacy matter and that is the reason why we do respect these notions. Hence we certify you that the RANCH will deal with your work with the highest security and privacy (do not hesitate to use our Non Disclosure Agreement ).

Besides, the whole team and the servers are based in our Paris offices, in France. We have full control of the hardware and, if needed, experts are on site to access and monitor the machines for optimum efficiency.

And because IT security matters to us, we work with a dedicated team of technical experts in charge of maintaining the infrastructure and protecting it from all kind of threats (virus, failure, intrusion…).