Expert’s words: Fabienne Le Gall, marketing director at RANCH Computing

Fabienne Le Gall has worked for more than 15 years in the marketing and communication fields before joining the RANCH team in March 2017. Closely collaborating with RANCH developers and engineers, she led the brand identity shift as well as the redesign of the website.

What triggered the redesign of the RANCH website?

Our customers were the trigger. Indeed, we carried out a satisfaction survey in May 2017 to find out how we could improve the RANCH. Since then, we have tackled many of our customers’ suggestions such as: the upload, by proposing an alternative route via CloudFlare for our most remote customers and a direct glass fiber connection for the closest. We also worked on the RANCHeckers with huge improvements on Maya RANCHecker in particular and perpetual enhancements on 3ds Max and Cinema 4D RANCHeckers. Moreover, many new software and plugins are now supported, such as Redshift, RenderMan, Blender, Golaem and soon Guerilla Render. Lastly, on the top of everything, as our customers unanimously claimed that our communication did not reflect the quality of our service, our logo has evolved in the beginning of 2018 and we spent a few months to the redesign of our website.

How did you proceed for the design of the website new version?​​​​​​​

As the impulse came from our customers, we have decided to start from their experiences in order to prepare the ground for this project. Thus, with the help of UX designers, we drove some user tests which have globally highlighted the most blocking points of our previous website version (from the understanding to the use of our service). Thus, we defined the browsing pattern of users in order to make this clickpath as smooth and simple as possible. This clickpath starts with the selection of your 3D software and your rendering engine which will lead you to the estimate and to the submission. Later on, another agency has intervened to decline the different models. The whole technical part of the website (user interface, submission and monitoring of the project, etc…) has been developed internally for a better efficiency and conformity to our customers’ needs. Subsequently, a significant work has been made about the user interface in order to clean it up and therefore to give a faster access to important information. Moreover, as we keep in mind that our customers are often in a hurry when they reach our website, we leave them the possibility to stick to the previous version of our website until September, 1st, so that they can peacefully discover their new dashboard in the best conditions!

What are the next steps?​​​​​​​

Launching the new website is only the great beginning indeed. We are now actively attentive to our customers’ feedback. This is why we will survey our customers in September in order to get new tangible elements to work on. We also have numerous ideas that we want to implement and thanks to the new website architecture, it will ease the integration process of new features (the possibility to pay by card without using Paypal for instance, this feature should be available for September).