The Most Used 3D Modeling Software in 2023 (According to Our Clients)

2023 has been a significant year in the evolution of software preferences in the field of 3D modeling. At Ranch Computing, not only have we carefully analyzed our clients’ choices, but we have also recently embarked on an active listening approach through a detailed survey. The goal was to better understand their preferences in terms of 3D modeling software and rendering engines, assess the performance of our proprietary tools, and gather their expectations for the future. This article is a synthesis of the three main aspects addressed in our previous surveys, offering a comprehensive overview of the results.

Top 3 3D Modeling Software According to Our Clients

  1. 3DS Max (40% of users) Since 2008, 3DS Max has been used to render more than 180,000 projects. This software is widely preferred for various applications, ranging from graphic design to animation.
  2. Cinema 4D (35% of users) Adopted in 2010, with over 250,000 projects to its credit, Cinema 4D is popular for its intuitive user interface and advanced features in graphic design and motion design.
  3. Maya (20% of users) Used since 2010 for 61,000 projects, Maya is the choice of many clients, particularly for complex animation and visual effects projects.

Other 3D Modeling Software Used by Our Clients

  • Blender (18% of users) Since 2010, Blender has been chosen for 21,300 projects. As a member of the Blender Foundation, we support its status as an appreciated open-source solution for its flexibility and accessibility.
  • Houdini (13% of users) Used since 2020 in about 5,000 projects, Houdini is recognized for its exceptional capabilities in physical simulations and visual effects, especially for ambitious and technically demanding projects.

Why Choose Ranch Computing for Your 3D Rendering Needs

Our distinction lies in our customized approach for each 3D modeling software. Thanks to RanChecker, specifically adapted for each software, we optimize your files for impeccable rendering. Our extensive support of plugins, combined with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and preferences, ensures a smooth and high-quality rendering experience. We are committed to reducing the technical burden, allowing our clients to focus on their creativity and art.


This panorama of the most widely used 3D modeling software in 2023, enriched by feedback from our customers, not only reveals current trends but also underlines Ranch Computing’s expertise and adaptability in the field of 3D rendering. We are proud to provide highly customized and efficient rendering solutions, reflecting our commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer focus.