Even more power for the French leader of cloud rendering


In 2019, Ranch Computing consolidates its position of French leader and major player in Europe in the field of 3D images rendering for the architectural, animation, product design and VFX markets. Indeed, if 2018 was marked by a redesign of the visual identity and website and the doubling of its GPU calculation power, 2019 shows a double increase: the first one is the team to better master the whole service value chain; the second one is the infrastructure (+80% of GPU power and +35% of CPU power compared with 2018).

Even more power for even more clients

With 75% of clients outside of France and coming from over 100 countries, RANCH Computing servers calculate constantly, whatever the time zone. To allow a growing number of clients to save time (one week of rendering on a personal computer equals to 20 minutes on the RANCH at full power), the company regularly increases the size of its infrastructure:

In 2016, RANCH Computing was building one of the most powerful render farms in the world with an investment of 1.6 million euros in servers equipped with Dual Xeon E5-2697A V4 processors.

At the end of 2016, the company positions itself on the GPU promising market.

In 2018, it doubles its GPU calculation power with 68 servers and a global power close to 1 million GPU cores.

In 2019, the company increases both the GPU farm power which now reaches 1.8 million GPU cores and a global OctaneBench 4 score of 118,000 and the CPU farm power with servers equipped with Dual Xeon processors. The CPU farm now reaches a total power of 27,000 cores and a CineBench R20 score of over 4 millions.

At the same time, the company has been increasing its storage capacity to meet the demand for more and more complex and thus heavy 3D projects.

The power of the cloud, human factor on top

The team increase has been a necessity for 3 main reasons:

Maintain an unrivalled level of quality on the market (97% of satisfaction).

Invest in R&D to meet the ambitious objectives of the company.

Take control over the whole value chain.

An unrivalled quality of support

Even though the service itself is fully automated, from the project submission to retrieving the frames, its smoothness and reliability depends on the expertise of men and women. From the very start of the company in 2006, the founders, Julien de Souza and Frédéric Louguet, made support quality a priority. With over 250 supported software (modeling software, renderers and plugins) there are lots of combinations which can generate complications when rendering. Having an internal team of 3D experts rather than outsourcing the support makes it easier and faster to get accurate answers and therefore meet the RANCH and its clients’ common goal: save time.

Invest in R&D to
cater all the current and forthcoming needs

RANCH Computing has been offering 3D rendering tailor-made solutions for over a decade. Technologies and hardware equipments
are moving fast. As a consequence, there are multiple and more or less complex answers to a single request. To better help graphic designers make their choices (whether they are free-lancers, in studios, agencies, etc.) RANCH Computing has strengthened its team of system, network and security engineers. Their work is to optimize and improve the performance of the service.

Take control of the value chain

By integrating services that were outsourced until then, RANCH Computing becomes quite unique on the market, mastering its whole value chain (hardware, clients’ support, IT team, developers…) in one place (Paris, France). This choice has been made to guarantee the quality of the service, the reliability of the infrastructure and a fast answer to clients’ needs.

The company

Ranch Computing was founded in 2006 by Julien de Souza and Frédéric Louguet. The concept was quite innovative at the time because there were really few commercial renderfarms on the market and none of them was fully automated. Rendering needs were not the same as nowadays, but proportionally, neither was the computing power. The first version of the RANCH was only composed of quad-core Core 2 Quad/Extreme servers with 4 GB RAM …

Not only the company is a French flagship of cloud rendering but it is also a major player in Europe and has clients on every continent.

Facts and figures about RANCH Computing:

· Close to 500,000 rendered projects

· Over 250 supported software

· 75% of international customers (non-French)

· 97% of satisfaction with the customer support

· 18 employees

Video about us / Projects rendered on the farm

The founders

Julien de Souza has now been working for many years in the computing field. Prior to co-founding Ranch Computing, he accompanied several customers (such as the designer Philippe Starck) by selecting and installing appropriate computer solutions fitting to their needs. He is now the Managing Director of Ranch Computing.

Frédéric Louguet has been a journalist for 20 years in the computing field. He is also the developer of Chess Wizard, three times winner of the French Computer Chess Championship but also wrote various articles and books about computer generated images. After co-founding Ranch Computing in 2006 and designing the automated renderfarm manager, he is now its Chief technology Officer.