50% Discount For Your Renders!


As students of today you are professionals of tomorrow. That is why Ranch Computing offers you to benefit right away from the unmatched power of its supercomputer at an exceptional price.
And because we are confident in the high quality service we are providing, we count on your customer loyalty when you work as a full-time CGI professional!


If you are a student or a teacher you are eligible to benefit from an exceptional discount: 50% off on your projects with the RANCH! For a rendering which would cost you normally 80 €, you will only pay 40 €!

This offer is available to College and Universities, specialized workshops and training courses, in both public and private education.


This offer is for non-commercial projects only and is restricted to students and teachers upon providing proof of eligibility valid for the current year (justification of your Education status, student ID or teacher ID, official certificate, etc.)

For any information or particular request, please contact us.