We have tested for you: Corona 6

Version 6 of Corona Renderer for 3ds Max and C4D is available.
Let’s go over the main features of this update.

New sky model

A big step towards greater realism for the creation of sky and sun. The difference in rendering between the sunrise/sunset is particularly impressive. This is also the case for the atmosphere around these times of day – a lot more subtlety and realism.

UVW Randomizer

A function that we spoke about last month in the note on Fstorm, which helps to avoid the repetitive effect of a texture. This allows to use a non-seamless texture over large areas.

New mask creation options

New possibilities are available for creating selection masks for post-production. We can now retrieve information on objects reflected by or refracted through other objects.

Removal of portals

Similar to what we may know about V-Ray, the new adaptive environment sampler removes the need for portals. Significant time saved when creating our scene.

New lens effects

New options in the management of glare and bloom for greater variety. To be used with restraint if we want to preserve realism in our images.

Version 7 teasers

In the editor’s blog, there are some details on the roadmap for version 7, notably on:


Without being revolutionary, this new version comes with its own batch of important features which promote both greater realism and an easier production and post-production process.