A concrete article about textures

Searching for new textures is a well-known occupation that every CG artist practices in his daily life. There are already many resources (free or with payable access) to find every kind of textures.

While searching on the web, we discovered a website dedicated to textures that will be available within a month: https://www.friendlyshade.com

This website has been created by a graphic designer who is specialised in texturing: his name is Sebastian Zapata.

As a CG artist, Sebastian knows well the different issues that we can encounter. He kindly gave us samples so that we can test them. At the moment there are already many textures that compose his forthcoming catalogue, such as: asphalt, tile, concrete, cobblestone…
His textures have a wide range of resolutions: from 6K to 32K and for almost each texture you also get the albedo, diffuse, glossiness, normal, ambient occlusion and displacement. Maps are all seamless. Sebastian uses a photogrammetry software to extract the different maps. His normal maps and displace are of the highest quality.

Very detailed textures, surfaces that are seamless and large enough, maps that are directly connectable to our materials: be sure to watch for this website, as it may become your best ally in the future!

About Sebastian Zapata :

He comes from Colombia and is musician, composer and CG artist. He has a great experience in architectural vizualisation and is fond of textures and Blender.

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