Satisfaction survey: what did you say ? What do we do ?

Many of you took the time to answer the satisfaction survey sent out to customers who had sent at least 1 project in the past 12 months.

We thank you for your feedback and your trust.

And here are the main results :

Our areas of work :

  • Upload / download phase: the satisfaction brought by these phases is slightly less high than for the rest of the service. 
    -> We are working on their improvement and have developed since then a feature which avoids you from uploading a project twice (for a test or a different resolution for instance).
  • RANCHecker: you are overall satisfied with the tool (93%) but some of you state that its use is sometimes complicated or has too many steps. 
    -> We are working on improvements and are currently significantely improving the Maya RANCHecker. 
  • The cost estimator: you are oversall satisfied as well (85%) but some of you think it lacks precision.
    -> We reviewed the animations cost estimator with a clearer display of how it works, the disclaimers et the cost and time details. We are now working on still images.
  • Communications in general and the website in particular which does not reflect the quality of our service.
    -> We have started to change our graphic design as you may have noticed in our enews, our ads (3D World, 3D Artist…), our banners (3dvf, CGarchitect, Artstation…) and at trade fairs (FMX, MIFA and soon Siggraph). And we are currently working on a brand new design for the website. To be continued!… 
  • Supported software: you say you are happy with the fact that we support numerous soft and plugins, but of course we do not support them all. 
    -> We will  keep you posted soon on the next soft and plugins that we will support.