User interface

RANCHecker add-on shows up in the sidebar. You can unfold this tab by pressing “N”.

RANCHecker :

  • Destination : Check this option to select the directory where your .vub will be saved.
  • Create Archive : Check your scene and create a .vub archive of your project.


  • Update RANCHecker : Automatically search for updates on the RANCH Computing website and install it.
  • After updating, press F8 to reload the add-ons.

Log window

RANCHecker log display the information, warnings and errors.
If you do not see the RANCHecker log, you could find the information in the Blender log(Windows > Toggle System Console)

Tips and tricks

Verification process can take some time depending on the scene settings and files size.

Through the verification/packing process, RANCHecker will :

  1. Check your render settings
  2. Change some settings for optimization
  3. Save a new scene and the needed assets into a temporary folder
  4. Archive this folder into a .vub file
  5. Reload your original scene.

Thus, if your scene takes time to save/load, it will also increase the time for RANCHecker to do all this checking/archiving process.