Temporary storage of assets

If you have a slow internet connection and need to render several scenes which all use the same assets (textures, etc.), you may want to use the possibility of uploading the assets only once.

Phase 1: creation of your root FTP directory

Your root FTP directory is created by us. To benefit from this feature, contact us and tell us you would like to use this feature. The login and password to access this ftp directory will be sent to you by email.

Phase 2: project preparation

All is managed by RANCHecker.

  1. Open the Open Advanced Settings window (Need Help? → Open Advanced Settings)
  2. Choose a folder name for your assets (which will be uploaded by RANCHecker)
  3. Click ‘Prepare Project‘. RANCHecker will update only the difference and will update the assets that may have been modified.

Things to keep in mind

  • In your root FTP directory, you can create several assets directories
  • This feature is not intended to be used as a permanent online storage facility. When the content of the assets directory(ies) is no longer needed, you must erase it.