Prepare your project

  1. Include referenced or linked external scenes into your main scene.
    • Select all
    • Objects > Relations > Make local > All
  2. Use the functionality:
    • File > External Data > Pack Ressources (or Automatically Pack Ressources)
    • File > External Data > Pack linked libraries
  1. Save your scene
  2. Select the directory where your archive will be generated with the “Destination” option, then click on the Create Archive button. It will check your scene and the assets, then create a .vub archive with all the needed files.
  3. Finally, you can upload this .vub file by clicking on “Submit” if you have installed RANCHSync or on the RANCH website, to start the rendering.

Special Case

If you use the features below, please set them with relative paths in your scene and add them manually inside the .vub.

  • MP4 format Video (others formats are not supported)
  • Caches (except VDB, Alembic and MDD)