Important information

Specific features

The RANCH offers features specific to Unbiased renderers in general, and Indigo in particular:

  • Possibility to take over a cooperative project
  • Processing of IGIs with layers
  • Ability to target a given number of cooperative Samples Per Pixel (SPP)
  • A denoising pass is automatically applied to cooperative renders
  • The queue displays in real time an approximation of the overall Samples Per Pixel (SPP) achieved during the rendering of a cooperative project.

Calculation of the cost

The total time of a project, which determines its cost, includes :

  • the distribution of the project through the network,
  • the preparation / pre-calculation phase,
  • the calculation time itself, specified in the project submission form,
  • and the merging of all partial IGIs into a final IGI.

Important information for scene preparation

It is VERY important that you read the contents of this section carefully before submitting a scene. This will help you to avoid the most common mistakes.

  • Check before sending a scene that you have saved it with all the correct settings. It is your responsibility to provide the scene with all the correct settings. The scene will be calculated exactly as you send it to us.
  • Before sending us a scene, load it onto your computer and render it in full resolution for a few minutes, to make sure that everything works as expected and that your scene does not crash. Make sure that the .IGI file produced by your scene does not exceed 5 GB (the limit accepted by the RANCH).
  • Do not include accented/non-alphanumeric characters, spaces, apostrophes and full stops in the file names of your project (scene, textures, objects, etc.). To avoid problems of interpretation by the RANCH Runner, please use only letters and numbers, or the sign “_” to replace spaces.