There are several denoisers available by default with the renderer.

CPU denoisers:

  • Noice
  • Oidn (Open Image denoiser)

GPU denoisers:

  • OptiX (Nvidia AI denoiser)

Unlike the CPU denoisers that also work with GPU scenes, the denoisers GPU will not work on CPU projects because the RANCH CPU farm do not have graphic card.

Your CPU project will be invalid with Arnold but not with Vray. If OptiX is detected, Vray will automatically choose Oidn.


Due to the farm system restrictions and the Renderman workflow, the Renderman denoiser will not work.

We recommend to launch the denoiser command line on the images received from RANCHSync or to use an external denoiser.


Due to Altus denoiser workflow, this denoiser will not work on the farm.

We recommend to use OptiX denoiser instead.