Important information

Important information about scene preparation

It is VERY important that you read carefully this section before submitting a scene. It will help you to avoid common mistakes.

  • Please verify before sending the scene that you have saved it with all the correct parameters. It is your responsibility to provide the scene with every parameter correctly set. The scene will be rendered exactly as you send it.
  • Before sending your scene to the farm, reload it on your computer and begin a render from Maxwell Render (NOT from Maxwell Studio) at full resolution for a few minutes, just to check that everything is all right and that your scene does not cause a crash or other potential problem. Some errors – ‘triangles without material’ for instance – are not caught when rendering from MS, but they crash MR.
  • Do not use accentuated / non-alphanumeric characters, spaces, apostrophes and dots in the filenames of your project (scene, textures, objects, etc.). To avoid any possible parsing problems on the RANCH Runner, please use only letters and numbers. You can also use the “_” sign (underscore) to replace spaces.
  • You can use externally referenced .mxs scenes (introduced in Maxwell 2.6) in your projects if all these scenes have the ‘xref_’ prefix (e.g. ‘xref_MyProduct.mxs’). Only the main scene file can have a standard name (e.g.’MyScene.mxs’). All the referenced .mxs files must have the ‘xref_’ prefix, or the server won’t know which is the main scene and the project will be rejected or considered as an animation (with as many frames as there are .mxs files (refer to the Choosing a strategy for rendering section).