With RANCHSync

You can upload your project from RANCHecker with the help of RANCHSync by clicking on “Submit” button after the archive creation.
This functionality is available for the following softwares:

  • 3DS Max
  • Blender
  • Cinema 4D
  • Maya

From the Web Site

  • Click on New Project
  • Choose the software, its version and then the renderer
  • (Optional) Choose the rendering parameters if they are different from the render setting saved in your scene
  • Choose the Priority
  • Upload by drag and drop your .vuX file.

Your rendering will automatically start once the upload will be achieve.

Re-used already uploaded file

If you already rendered a project, you can render it again with different parameters (higher resolution, other camera, different frame range) without having to upload it!

On the upload page, simply click on “Reuse an already uploaded project” : it will show you all the files that are available..

You can rename the file if you wish (with the same naming requirements as an uploaded file) and start a new rendering by clicking on the “Reuse” button.