Download RANCHSync for PC or Mac: this free software automatically downloads your files on your computer when your project is finished.

And if you have enough credits in your RANCH Safe, it can also download your animation frames as soon as they are rendered, while the project is rendering!

RANCHSync download works with all the 3D softwares supported by the RANCH.

With FTP or HTTP

Once your project is finished, you will receive an e-mail with the name of the ftp server, your temporary user account for this project, and your password to access the directory where your files are stored.

You can also retrieve the download information on your dashboard on the RANCH websiteles informations de téléchargement sur le site RANCH.

  • Log in, Go to « My projects » and click on your project ID line. This will open the project details, which include the ftp download info and a “Web download” direct http link.

You can use any FTP client to download the files.
If you do not know one, we recommend FileZilla which are free, easy to use and efficient.