Naming requirements

Project name length

To avoid problems which can occur with very long command lines, the names of the projects, and so the scenes names, are allowed to have up to 20 characters (the extension does not count for this limit).

Special characters

Only letters (lower and upper case), numbers, hyphens and underscores are allowed in a filename: a z A Z 0 9 – _

Example of forbidden characters: é î ö ù, () ! ; : # @ % | * $ € &

Spaces are also prohibited. We recommand that you replace them by underscore or upper case on the word following the space: My 3DS projet.maxMy_3DS_project.max or My3DSProject.max

The sames cautions should be used on assets names(textures, caches, objects, bitmaps etc.).

Project name collision

It is not possible to have two projects with the same name in the waiting or rendering list: you can version your filenames with numbers to avoid confusion.