For the moment, using Golaem on the farm require manual modifications from users. In particular, simulating the RANCH rendering environment


Please do the following steps to be sure that your crowd will be rendered properly.

  1. Create a folder C:\Maya\Currentjob and transfer your project files inside, then create a subfolder golaem and put the Golaem files inside(.gcg, .gscs, .gcha, .gmo, .gscf, .gscl, .ma…)
  2. Open your scene and set all the external assets paths to that folder. For render Proxy, we recommend to directly create them inside this folder
  3. RANCHeck your scene and DO NOT click on “Submit” button
  4. Open the .vua with an archive manager(for example 7zip) and drag and drop your golaem folder at the root of the .vua archive.
  5. Upload the archive on the RANCH through the web interface

Any assets which are not in C:\Maya\Currentjob or one of its subfolders will not be recognised during the rendering.

If you have some questions or doubt, please contact us at