Priority Choice

How does it work?

Our priority system :

  • sorts the projects dans in the waiting list
  • attributes a maximum number of servers per project (Node).
  • guarantees a minimum of memory attributed

The higher the priority, the sooner and the faster the project will begin to render.

The waiting time before a project begins depends on the priority you choose and the number of projects in the queue. Thanks to our processors, amongst the fastest on the market, the time spent in the queue will be compensated by the speed of the rendering!

The maximum number of nodes attributed to an animation project will only be used if the number of frames to render is higher or equal to this maximum.

Still image rendering can be performed on multiple nodes if this option is enabled. However for technical reasons we have limited the maximum number of nodes besides the priority:

  • 60 Nodes maximum for MultiBand and MultiCam for 3DS Max
  • 16 Nodes maximum for MultiBand for Cinema 4D

Projects in the waiting list are processed in a first-in-first-out order if the priority are equal.
Please note that several projects can run at the same time if their total number of frames does not exceed the number of available render nodes.

Guaranteed Memory Priorities

All the CPU’s farm Nodes have at least 128Go of RAM
The CPU–256 priorities assured to have nodes with a minimum of 256Go of RAM.

The amount of VRAM depends on the graphics cards.
All the GPU’s farm Nodes have at least 11Go of VRAM ( RTX 2080ti ).
The GPU–24VRAM priorities assured to have Nodes with RTX 3090 cards with 24Go of VRAM.
Though, this priority does not guaranteed to have 256Go de RAM, but most of the GPUs nodes have 128Go of RAM.

Priorities Cost

CPU Farm

PrioritiesNodes quantity128 Go RAM minimum256 Go RAM minimum
CPU-Low32€ 0,016€ 0,017
CPU-Medium64€ 0,018€ 0,019
CPU-High96€ 0,020€ 0,021
Price per GHz.h

GPU Farm

PrioritiesGPUs quantity11 Go VRAM minimum24 Go VRAM minimum
GPU-Low56 (14 nodes)€ 0,008€ 0,009
GPU-Medium80 (20 nodes)€ 0,010€ 0,011
GPU-High120 (30 nodes)€ 0,012€ 0,013
Price per OctaneBench points on the render nodes