Project monitoring

Servers activity

This button appears in the waiting list while your project is rendering. When clicked, it opens a web page that displays the current activity of all the nodes that are working on your project, such as the CPU usage, available RAM, current task, % of progress…

Along with the Preview, this detailed information helps you make important decisions, for instance to stop a project if some frames are taking much longer than what you expected. The resource usage per node also lets you know about the RAM consumption of your project, and if your scene makes good use of the available processing power.

Project report

The Project Report is a bitmap in .PNG format that displays all the essential information about a finished project.

It is copied in the ftp project directory when it is finished if you want to download it, and you can also see it in your account on the RANCH web site.

The Project Report displays a lot of information in a compact way:

  • project name,
  • ID,
  • priority,
  • 3D software used,
  • project type (animation, still),
  • definition,
  • contact e-mail,
  • along with the steps of the project on the RANCH: when it has been detected, when it was validated, deployed, when the render began and when it was finished. You will also find render times, CPU and RAM usage, volume of data produced, individual costs for deployment, rendering, allocated nodes…

The second half of the report may vary depending on the type of project.

For instance, animation project reports show a statistical graph displaying the render time of the frames: it lets you see at a glance which areas of the animation were the heaviest to render. The last quarter of the report show some sample frames of the sequence, among them the fastest and the slowest to render, along with their position on the graph.

A still image Project Report may show the heaviest zones to render and samples of extra channels (alpha, depth…).

When it is a MultiCam project, images and data related to each of the different cameras are displayed.