Security & confidentiality

For maximum security reasons, the ftp secure accounts are project-based and not user-based.

It means that you will get a different user account and password for each project you submit.

These accounts are temporary:

After 5 days, they expire automatically. So you have five days to download your files after you receive the e-mail notification that your project has been rendered. If you do not receive our e-mails for whatever reason (spam filter, technical problem, etc.), you can get all the information relative to your project – including the download info – by logging in on the RANCH site, going to “My Projects”, and clicking on the ID number or the name of the project.

When the project temporary account expires, all the files in it are destroyed. Of course, only this temporary account expires, not your registered customer account, which is permanent.

We respect and recognize how vital the importance of copyright, security and confidentiality is to our customers. We therefore guarantee/assure you that your work remains just that – YOUR work. We do not keep ANY files related to your projects, and keep only a record of your project usage in your account information. And as the RANCH is entirely automated, we do not even look at your scenes – unless of course a technical problem requires an intervention. We can also sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement) if you need one. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Please also note that we only do rendering. We do not create 3D scenes, models or projects, so we will never be competitors for our own customers.