Color Management

(support BETA)

ACES 1.2 OpenColor IO

ACES 1.2 OpenColorIO is installed on the farm at the following location:


  • Copy your aces folder in the same location than on the RANCH
  • In Maya’s Preferences > Ocio Config Path use the farm path
  • Open the VUA file with any archive manager(with 7zip for instance)
  • Go to “pref” folder and edit the “color_management.xml” file.
  • Replace the ocio path value <Parameter name=“OCIOConfigFile” value=“) by: <Parameter name=“OCIOConfigFile” value=“C:\ocio\aces\config.ocio” />

Others OCIO

  • Create a folder C:/Maya/Currentjob/pref in your computer
  • Copy the ACES repository in thatpref folder
  • In Maya’s Preferences, for Ocio Config Path use : C:\Maya\Currentjob\pref\myOCIOfolder\config.ocio

You can check if your color profil have been taken into account by opening the .vua (with 7zip) and checking the “pref/color_management.xml” file.