RANCHecker for Maya is a plug-in developped by RANCH Computing to prepare your scene before the rendering on the farm.

Installation steps

Download RANCHecker archive and unzip it. This video hereunder will help you to understand the steps to follow

If the folder plug-ins doesn’t exist yet in the folder hereunder, we recommend to create it.


Maya is now ready to prepare your project.

What it is used for ?

RANCHecker do the majority of the work for you :

  • It gathered the external files used in the scenes
  • Verify that the render setting are properly set
  • Compile your projects in .vua archives ready to upload on the RANCH !

With RANCHecker, send a project on the farm is an easy task.


Be sure to use the last RANCHecker version, available on our web site.
Test your rendering before sending the full project on the RANCH. For an animation, between 3 to 15 significants images. For more than 2k still images, your final image in a smaller resolution.
This test is here to be sure that :

  • All your assets, caches, rendering parameters produce the expected result.
  • The price and rendering time fit your estimation with the estimator.

Loading and Update

The plug-in can be shown in Windows > Settings/Preferences > Plug-In Manager

When RANCHSync is open and updates are available, you are automatically informed about it.
Once the updating is finished RANCHecker will opened. However, it is still the previous version because Maya keep in memory the load script. To use the new version, closed and reopened Maya.

Warning, update system of the RANCHecker do not save previous version for the moment. If you wish to keep a backup of your actual version, please create a copy of it.

Installation of old RANCHecker (V4)

We send the version 4.45 of the RANCHecker for Maya upon request.
! This version will not work with Maya 2023 and required to launch Maya 2022 in python2 (in property: …/maya.exe -pythonver 2)

Installation of old RANCHecker V4 for Maya is differente than the one for RANCHecker V5 previously explained.

  • unzip the sent by email archive.
  • In Maya, open the Script Editor then click on File > Source Script and load
  • Select INSTALL and then the folder where you have unzipped the archive.

RANCHecker V4 is now installed and can be seen in Plug-In Manager.

If you have 2 versions of RANCHecker on your computer, please uncheck “Auto-load” and do not load V4 and V5 simultaneously because they will conflict with each other.