Animated textures

Images sequence and UDIM

Images sequences and UDIMs are automatically collected during VUB archive creation.

Video texture

Only video texture in MP4 format are supported due to the differences between codecs.
Though, the files are not collected by the RANCHecker. Please follow the instruction hereunder to be sure that your texture will be rendered.

  1. Put your MP4 file in the same folder than your Blender scene (or in a subfolder)
  2. Set relative paths in your scene with the previous videos.
  3. Create the VUB with RANCHecker but do not upload it.
  4. Open the archive with 7Zip (right-click > open with: 7zip manager) or any archive manager.
  5. Drag and drop the videos (or the subfolder) at the root of the VUB.

Your archive is now ready to be upload.

Even if you can render your MP4 textures, we highly recommend to convert them in images sequence.
MP4 rendering is still impossible in the RANCH.